Patented Kuranda Dog Beds
 We have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our boarding facilities because they are so good for our dogs. We still don't have enough for all of our kennels. If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort,
click here.

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Letters From Home
Updates From The Proud Parents

by Jessica Scott

Hello Sherry!
Well, it's been a month now that we've had our little girl and we can't even tell you how thrilled we are! We named her Penny, and she's adjusted to the change just all

Jessica and Dan Scott
(formerly "Andi")

by Morgan Schenk
Upstate New York

Hello Sherry!
Well, it was a long drive back with Max, but we are happy to all

Morgan & Kenny Schenk

Hi, its Staci.

Here are a few pictures of Gary and his siblings! We are so all


by Chris Heeter

Sherry, Thanks for sending these. There aren't words to express how blessed I feel that Tuu Weh and I found each all

Chris Heeter
"TUU WEH" (Sweetie)



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