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 We have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our boarding facilities because they are so good for our dogs. We still don't have enough for all of our kennels. If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort,
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Letters From Home
Updates From The Proud Parents

Liz Andreae
"Molly Faye"
by Liz Andreae

Hi Sherry, Molly Faye was given a middle name because I originally wanted to name my adopted dog Faye, but didn't have the heart to change her all

Heidi Stone
Intro by Leana Wallin
-BWB Rescue/Minnesota

Brinn was pretty feral when I got him. It took 3 weeks to touch him. I finally got a leash on him and let him drag it for days. The other dogs all

Caron Young
by Caron Young - "Kelly's" Owner

Leana - I don't have a lot of pictures yet but thought I would do this for your contact in South Dakota from whom you got Kelly (formerly know as Marlo and Sweets) all

Christy McCauley
by Cristy McCauley - "Sally's" owner

We adopted Sally, a Doberman/ Beagle mix, in August 2004. She is an absolute sweetheart and is still running around like a puppy, even though all

by Gordy and Kath Grubbs - "Dede's" Owners

Training went good , Dede won the game of quickest response at graduation! all

Gordy & Kath Grubbs

Connie Jensen
by Connie Jensen - "Missy's" Owner

Thanks for your message. The trip home was uneventful. Missy did fine on the trip, though she all

Kate McFarland
by Kate McFarland - "Bandanna's" Owner

Hi Sherry! Bandanna is fitting in perfectly – I’ve never seen such a well all

Intro by Leana Wallin
-BWB Rescue/Minnesota

Nala is a Viszula/lab and needs plenty of exercise! Her first owner kept her locked in the laundry/windowless and very all

David Boulware and
Greta Chen MD


Intro by Sherry Voigt
- BWB Rescue/Nebraska

Dozer, a Pit Bull, arrived at the local animal shelter in Valentine as a stray. He was terrified, all

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